Greens, sweet potatoes, salad turnips and more!

Hello All,

Happy Friday! It's been a week full of collaborations resulting in a late harvest and outstanding range of products for you to enjoy. Here's the scoop:

Your business supports several local, sustainable farms and a vibrant community of people who take great pride in growing nutritious food. All items are grown in Maryland - most within 20 miles of the markets. Everything is grown according to the rules of the National Organic Program. Honey is raw (not heat pasteurized) from bee hives in Silver Spring, Ashton, Laurel, and Brookeville. Grains are from fields in Ashton, Beltsville, Newburg, and Leonardtown (Leonardtown is furthest away - it's ~60 miles south of DC). Here's what you'll find at the farm stands this week:

  • Cut Flowers (Tanglewood Flower Farm in Ashton)
    • Large mixed bouquets, small arrangements in jars, bunches of multi-colored celosia.
  • Grains (Purple Mountain Grown in Takoma Park)
    • Old fashioned rolled oats, oat groats, rye flour, soft wheat flour, and hard wheat flour.
  • Honey (Charlie's Bees in Silver Spring)
    • Raw (not heat pasteurized) honey from hives at small farms in Ashton, Brookeville, Laurel, and Silver Spring.
  • Vegetables
    • Bunched greens (The Farm at Our House in Olney and Somerset Produce in Ashton)
      • Bok choy - green, mini variety
      • Chard
      • Collards
      • Kale - green curly and lacinato varieties
    • Loose greens (The Farm at Our House in Olney)
      • Arugula
      • Tatsoi
      • Mustard greens
    • Pea shoots (Somerset Produce in Sandy Spring)
    • Peppers (The Farm at Our House in Olney and Somerset Produce in Ashton)
      • Hot peppers: adjuma, Bulgarian carrot, cayenne, habanero, and lemon drop
      • Peppers of unpredictable heat: shishito
      • Green and purple peppers
      • Sweet peppers: mini and full sized varieties in red and orange
    • Potatoes (Somerset Produce in Ashton) - Harvest Moon (purple skin, gold flesh).
    • Shallots (The Farm at Our House in Olney)
    • String beans (Blueberry Gardens in Ashton)
    • Salad turnips (The Farm at Our House in Olney)

I think that's everything!

You can find this bounty at one of our markets and you can order online!

I hope you're well and to see you at the farm stand :)

Thank you for your support.

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