Tomato sale! Plus flowers, honey, string beans, and more....

Hello Friends,

Happy Thursday! Are you happy for the reprieve from the super hot weather? I'm certainly enjoying the change.

This week's harvest includes string beans and celery from Blueberry Gardens, modest amounts of summer squash, a few peppers and cucumbers, lots of potatoes, and tomatoes for days!

I expect the tomato harvest to peak over the next couple of weeks. This week, first quality red slicers and heirlooms will be just $3 per pound! Thanks to the recent rain, we also have lots of seconds for $1.50 per pound. Seconds need to be used quickly and have bad parts that you'll need to trim. They're perfect for immediate fresh eating or for cooking and canning. You can order them online in increments of 10 pounds for $15. Van space permitting, you'll be able to buy them in smaller quantities at the markets without pre-ordering.

The tomato bounty is closely followed by potatoes! We have an abundance of Purple Majesty (purple inside and out) and Harvest Moon (purple skin, gold inside) varieties. Purple Majesty will store for a month or two, Harvest Moon should store for longer. Both are delicious!

Your business supports several local, sustainable farms and a vibrant community of people who take great pride in growing nutritious food. All items are grown in Maryland - most within 20 miles of the markets. Everything is grown according to the rules of the National Organic Program. Honey is raw (not heat pasteurized) from bee hives in Silver Spring, Ashton, Laurel, and Brookeville. Grains are from fields in Ashton, Beltsville, Newburg, and Leonardtown (Leonardtown is furthest away - it's ~60 miles south of DC). Here's what you'll find at the farm stands this week:

  • Cut Flowers (Tanglewood Flower Farm in Ashton)
    • Large mixed bouquets, small arrangements in jars, bunches of multi-colored zinnias, and large white hydrangeas.
  • Grains (Purple Mountain Grown in Takoma Park)
    • Sorghum flour, buckwheat flour, whole wheat flour, rye flour (limited quantity), old fashioned rolled oats, and buckwheat groats
  • Honey (Charlie's Bees in Silver Spring)
    • Raw (not heat pasteurized) honey from hives at small farms in Ashton, Brookeville, Laurel, and Silver Spring.
  • Vegetables and Herbs
    • Italian basil (Blueberry Gardens and Tanglewood Flower Farm in Ashton)
    • String beans (Blueberry Gardens in Ashton) - three varieties!
    • Celery (Blueberry Gardens in Ashton) - slender stalks, beautiful leaves, perfect for gazpacho, juicing, salads, bloody marys....
    • Cucumbers (Somerset Produce in Ashton) - fewer than in recent weeks - get them while you can!
    • Garlic (Somerset Produce in Ashton)
    • Peppers (Somerset Produce in Ashton) - cayenne and habanero hot peppers, and full sized and mini sweet peppers
    • Potatoes (Somerset Produce in Ashton) - Purple Majesty (purple skin, purple flesh), and Harvest Moon (purple skin, gold flesh).
    • Summer squash (Somerset Produce in Ashton) - bi-color yellow and green crookneck squash, and a few dark green zucchini
    • Tomatoes (Somerset Produce in Ashton)
      • Cherry tomatoes - red and orange varieties
      • Full sized red tomatoes
      • Heirlooms
      • Seconds

I think that's everything!

You can find this bounty at one of our markets and you can order online!

I hope you're well and to see you at the farm stand :)

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